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As detailed within 2 CFR §200.318(e), and Chapter 14 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2, housing agencies are "encouraged to enter into State and local intergovernmental agreements or inter-entity agreements for procurement or use of common or shared goods and services." One method is for a housing agency to award a contract to a contractor who has a current contract with another governmental agency that was awarded pursuant to a competitive solicitation. My firm, Housing Agency Procurement Assistance (HAPA), has such a contract with the Port Arthur Housing Authority (PAHA), located in Port Arthur, Texas. Following are a number of documents that will allow a housing agency to justify such a contract award.


Piggyback Justification Form

Piggyback Justification Form (Some information thereon yet must be completed)

Tab 1

Tab No. 1: Original RFP Documents Issued by the Port Arthur Housing Authority

Tab 2

Tab No. 2: Tabulation showing the Force of Competition

Tab 3

Tab No. 3: Copy of Proposal Submitted (Please contact Michael S. Gifford for copy—it will only be sent after the Agency agrees to a confidentiality agreement)

Tab 4

Tab No. 4: Fully Executed Contract between HAPA and Port Arthur Housing Authority

Tab 5

Tab No. 5: Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)

Tab 6

Tab No. 6: Cost Price Analysis (CPA)

Tab 7

Tab No. 7: Licensing - Updated February 2018

Tab 8

Tab No. 8: (Limited Denial of Participation/System for Award Management) - As with all other contracts, the Agency shall obtain this information by going to each noted site and entering the following search titles and printing the "results:" Housing Agen

Tab 9

Tab No. 9: Rationale for Award (RFA)

Tab 10

Tab No. 10: 1st Contract Extension, 6/22/16-6/22/17

Tab 11

Tab No. 11: 2nd Contract Extension, 6/22/17-6/22/18

Tab 12

Tab No. 12: 3rd Contract Extension, 6/22/18-6/22/19

Tab 13

Tab No. 13: 4th Contract Extension, 6/22/19-6/22/20