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SERC-NAHRO Annual Conference

June 24, 2019 - 8:00 AM to
June 25, 2019 - 5:00 PM
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J W Marriott Orlando - Grand Lakes

Orlando, FL

SERC-NAHRO Annual Conference

Sessions taught by Michael S. Gifford, C.P.M., CPSD 
Housing Agency Procurement Assistance 

Monday June 24, 9:00 am to 11:30 am:
SESSION TITLE: "40 Things You May Not Know About Housing Agency Procurement (But Really Need To)" (2 parts/3 total hours) 
DESCRIPTION: An interactive 3 hour review of 40 very important HUD-mandated requirements pertaining to purchasing and contracts. Topics that will be addressed include:  Informal Quotes (QSPs); Formal Bids (IFBs) and Proposals (RFPs/RFQs); Advertisements; Specifications; Independent Cost Estimates and Cost Price Analysis; Non-competitive Justifications; Piggyback Justifications; Contracts and Contract Administration; and much more!  We will talk about procurements and contracts for supplies, equipment, and both maintenance and professional services.  This session includes a worksheet and forms. This is my most popular presentation! 
REFERENCES: 2 CFR §200.317 – §200.326; HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2.

Monday June 24, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm:
SESSION TITLE: "Section 3: It's not has complicated as you might think." (1.5 hours)  
DESCRIPTION: There are a lot of misconceptions and myths circulating pertaining to the Section 3 program. This session addresses what the regulation actually says, what a housing agency is required to do, and best practices to accomplish a successful 'to the greatest extend feasible' Section 3 program. 
REFERENCES: 24 CFR §135; Chapter 15 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2.

SESSION TITLE: "Independent Cost Estimates (ICE)—Cost Price Analysis (CPA): Why we do them and how they benefit us." (1.5 hours) 
 For all procurements exceeding $3,000 in the aggregate, HUD regulations require that a written ICE is in the file prior to issuing or completing such procurements and that all such costs received from contractors and suppliers are adequately analyzed. This session includes access to sample forms that will help agencies document these important requirements. 
REFERENCES: 2 CFR §200.323; Sections 3.2, 10.3, and Appendix 12 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2.

Tuesday June 25, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon:
"Cooperative Purchasing Concepts" (1.5 hrs) 
DESCRIPTION: HUD allows and "encourages" PHAs to implement Cooperative Purchasing Agreements with other local governmental agencies and even directly with contractors and suppliers who have contracts with other local governmental agencies. This session will detail the HUD-compliant and practical "in's and out's" of doing so, including how this procurement method will help your agency accomplish effective and compliant project-based procurement. Includes access to a justification form. 
REFERENCES: 2 CFR §200.318(e); Chapter 14 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2.

SESSION TITLE: "Quotes and Bids and Proposals, Oh My! (Important Similarities and Differences)"(1.5 hours) 
DESCRIPTION: Sooner or later, every housing agency needs to procure items and services over $2,000 and must conduct a Quotations for Small Purchases (QSP), an Invitation For Bids (IFB), a Request For Proposals (RFP), and/or a Request For Qualifications (RFQ), the four competitive solicitation methods available to housing agencies. This session is an overview of each, a discussion as to when to use each, and related documentation requirements. 
REFERENCES: 2 CFR §200.320; Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2.

Tuesday June 25, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm:

"How to formulate a Construction Bid (Effective and Efficient techniques you might not know)" (1.5 hours)
DESCRIPTION: HUD requires housing agencies to most typically utilize the Invitation for Bids (IFB) competitive solicitation process when retaining contractors for construction. IFB's require the housing agency is issue a Design Specification and complete award to the responsive and responsible bidder that submits the lowest realistic cost. This session will focus on the IFB format, including a number of HUD-required forms that most housing agencies may not be aware of. 
REFERENCES: 2 CFR §200.320(c); Chapters 6 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2.

"HUD-compliant Best Value Services Procurements: Focus on a Legal Services RFP"(1.5 hours) 
DESCRIPTION: HUD allows (and encourages) housing agencies to utilize the Request for Proposals (RFP) competitive solicitation process when retaining contractors for professional services. RFP's are Best Value in that the housing agency is able to consider qualifications as well as cost in determining the awardee. This session will focus on a Legal Services contract, including access to sample forms. 
REFERENCES: 2 CFR §200.320(d); Chapter 7 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2. 

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