Piggyback Justification Form

Piggyback Justification Form (Some information thereon yet must be completed)

Tab 1

Tab No. 1: Original RFP Documents Issued by the Port Arthur Housing Authority

Tab 2

Tab No. 2: Tabulation showing the Force of Competition

Tab 3

Tab No. 3: Copy of Proposal Submitted (Please contact Michael S. Gifford for copy—it will only be sent after the Agency agrees to a confidentiality agreement)

Tab 4

Tab No. 4: Fully Executed Contract between HAPA and Port Arthur Housing Authority

Tab 5

Tab No. 5: Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)

Tab 6

Tab No. 6: Cost Price Analysis (CPA)

Tab 7

Tab No. 7: Licensing - Updated February 2018

Tab 8

Tab No. 8: (Limited Denial of Participation/System for Award Management) - As with all other contracts, the Agency shall obtain this information by going to each noted site and entering the following search titles and printing the "results:" Housing Agen

Tab 9

Tab No. 9: Rationale for Award (RFA)

Tab 10

Tab No. 10: 1st Contract Extension, 6/22/16-6/22/17

Tab 11

Tab No. 11: 2nd Contract Extension, 6/22/17-6/22/18

Tab 12

Tab No. 12: 3rd Contract Extension, 6/22/18-6/22/19

Tab 13

Tab No. 13: 4th Contract Extension, 6/22/19-6/22/20


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HUD and Federal Forms Construction

HUD and Federal Documents Construction

Executive Order 13502, Use of Project Labor Agreements for Federal Construction Projects

[10.6] (NOTE: This Executive Order supersedes and cancels Executive Orders 13202 and 13208)

HUD Forms Non Construction

form HUD-5369-B (8/93): Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction

[1.9] [6.5.A.4] [6.9.A] [6.10.B] [7.2.B.1] [7.2.R]

form HUD-5370-CI (01/2014): General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts Section I - (With or without Maintenance Work)

[5.10.C] [6.5.A.6] [7.2.B.3] [10.5.B] [10.10.D.2] [11.2.F] [11.4.B.1] [11.4.C] [11.5.A] [11.5.C] [11.6.A] [12.2.D] [13.2.B] [15.2.D] [16.13] [17.5] Updated June 2014

form HUD-5370-CII (1/2014): General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts Section II - (With Maintenance Work)

[5.10.C] [6.5.A.6] [7.2.B.3] [10.5.B/C] [10.10.D.2] [11.2.F] [11.4.B.1] [11.4.C] [11.5.A] [11.5.C] [11.6.A] [12.2.D] [13.2.B] [15.2.D] [16.13] [17.5] Updated June 2014

form HUD-53012-A (07/1995): Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract

[1.9] [3.3.C] [4.4] [4.4.B.3] [4.4.C] [4.5.A] [4.7] [7.5.B] [12.2.J] [14.4.B]

Code of Federal Regulations

24 CFR Part 84, Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-profit Organizations

[1.9] [4.7] [10.2.H.4] [14.3.B.2] [14.5.A/B] [15.4.F] [16.8.C] [16.12.C] (PLEASE NOTE: There are within 7460.8 REV 2 a number of additional specific references to 24 CFR Part 84, too many to reasonably include here.)

24 CFR Part 85

[1.2] [1.3] [1.9] [3.3.B] [3.4] [4.7] [7.4] [14.3.B.2] [14.5.A/B] [16.7.A.1] [16.10.B] [16.12.C] (PLEASE NOTE: There are within 7460.8 REV 2 numerous additional specific references to 85.36, too many to include here.)

24 CFR Part 990, The Public Housing Operating Fund Program

[1.2] [1.3] [10.8.C.2] [17.2] [17.3.A] [17.5]

Executive Orders


Guidebooks Handbooks

PIH Notices

Notice PIH 2006-8(HA), Procurement of Legal Services by Public Housing Agencies, with Attachment

[7.3.F] (PLEASE NOTE--IMPORTANT NOTICE: It appears that HUD, on the Notice, accidentally labeled this Notice as “2006-8, though it is appropriately listed on

Legal Opinions

OMB Circulars

United States Code

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December 19, 2014 Notice

Important Potential Major Changes to Housing Agency Procurement Standards

December 19, 2014 Notice - B

Status of Section 3 Reporting System - 3rd Notice

November 24, 2014

Re-distribution of an Article from HUD, "Lifting the Fog on Section 3"

September 8, 2014

HUD New Section 3 Publications

August 5, 2014

New Notice from HUD about Status of Section 3 Reporting System

July 29, 2014

HUD Procurement Learning Tools for PHAs Now Available

July 2, 2014

HUD has Posted Revision Forms Mandated for Use with Contracts

April 17, 2015 Notice

Section 3 Proposed Rule Webinars for Grantees and Stakeholders

June 17, 2015 Notice

Revised Procurement Policy (including new requirements of 2 CFR 200.317 - 300.326)

June 30, 2015 Notice

New Eligible GSA Schedule: Security Schedule 84

June 22, 2015 Notice

HUD Section 3 Business Registry

June 17, 2015 Notice

Sample Procurement Policy

June 17, 2015 Notice

Side by Side Comparison 24CFR to 2CFR

June 30, 2015 Notice Attachment

Justification for “Joinder” or “Piggy-back” Contract (PBJ)

August 15, 2015 Notice

Re-Distribution of HUD Notice: Business USA

July 13, 2016 Notice

NEW: Section 3 Brochure from HUD

July 18, 2016 Notice

My comments as to Executive Order 13658 and the Service Contract Act (SCA)

July 21, 2016 Notice

IMPORTANT FOLLOW-UP MESSAGE PERTAINING TO MY NOTICE DISTRIBUTED July 18th! (RE: My comments as to Executive Order 13658 and the Service Contract Act (SCA)

July 21, 2016 Notice - Attachment

Attachment - Jan 15, 2015 Clarification About Executive Order 13658

October 3, 2016 Notice

Forwarded message from the Association of Section 3 Professionals: Reminder of SPEARS V 2.0 released March 28, 2016

October 11, 2016 Notice

Comments pertaining to the attached HUD E-Newsletter: "Competitive Proposal Procurement" for Construction Projects

December 1, 2016 Notice

Section 3 Training Opportunity

February 8, 2017 Notice

New U.S. Communities Contract with Amazon Business

February 16, 2017 Notice

FORWARDING OF NOTICE: HUD Grants Management. and Oversight Requesting Code of Conduct

February 28, 2017 Notice

My thoughts pertaining to Letters of Recommendation and giving Contractor References

March 13, 2017 Notice

HUD-mandated form, form HUD-50071, Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transactions

March 13, 2017 Notice - Attachment 1

Attachment 1: PIH-2017-04

March 13, 2017 Notice - Attachment 2

Attachment 2: form HUD 50071